Digital Signage


Illuminate your advertising with our new ultra slim light box , made with solvent sticker printing, 5mm acrylic & LED.

Available size: A4/A3/A2

You are welcome to query when order more than 1 .


Materials: Solvent sticker, LED & 5mm Acrylic


A4 Sample Picture A3 Sample Picture A1 Sample Picture


GLA-A (A4 size)

Frame Size: L295MM x H360mm

Poster Size: L255mm x H320mm

$108.00 Does not includes cabling
GLA-B (A3 size)

Frame Size: L403MM x H526mm

Poster Size: L333mm x H456mm

$168.00 Does not includes cabling
GLA-C (A2 size)

Frame Size: L558MM x H710mm

Poster Size: L458mm x H609mm

$210.00 Does not includes cabling


* Installation is $50-80 per unit